Non-custodial Bitcoin-backed loans.

Giving custody is not okay. Do it the Bitcoin way.

without selling your Bitcoin

Sell when you
to, not when you have to.

Access liquidity to pay bills and expenses for yourself and your business.
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Double down and

your Bitcoin.

Leverage your Bitcoin up to 3x, in a completely decentralized manner.

Secure your Bitcoin with
, not custodians.

We understand how it feels to send your Bitcoin to some custodian and hope for the best.

With AtomicLoans, your Bitcoin is locked via native Bitcoin scripts.
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We believe that only you should have control of your Bitcoin.

We’re committed to building and maintaining a no-nonsense protocol.
Step 1

Set your loan terms

Pick the size and length of your loan, and choose how much Bitcoin you would like to collateralize.
Step 2

Collateralize your Bitcoin

Using a Ledger hardware wallet, lock your collateral in a Bitcoin script escrow.
Step 3

Withdraw your stablecoin

Withdraw the stablecoin of your choice directly to your wallet and use it however you’d like!

Open-source code.

Don’t trust, verify. The protocol’s contract code and balances are publicly verifiable.
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Audited by the best.

Our Bitcoin scripts and Ethereum smart contracts have been reviewed and audited by Quantstamp and ConsenSys Diligence.
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finance for a transparent asset

Spend less time worrying about who’s holding your Bitcoin. Monitor your Bitcoin’s location on-chain, at any time during the loan.

No passports or selfies needed.
Just an
internet connection

There’s no application needed to start using Bitcoin, no business hours that Bitcoin adheres to.

Get access to a Bitcoin-backed loan at any time, from anywhere, in a matter of minutes.