As communities continue to contend with the current economic and health situation worldwide, we wanted to share an update on the state of Atomic Loans.

₿lack Thursday

  • The cryptocurrency ecosystem experienced quite violent price movement this past Thursday (March 12th, 2020).
  • Many systems in the Ethereum ecosystem came to a halt with gas prices reaching extremely high levels never experienced since peak 2017.
  • We are happy to report that the Atomic Loans protocol was able to weather the storm with limited failures in the system. Our lender agents were able to correctly estimate gas prices, and we were able to warn the majority of our lenders to partially repay their loans to maintain their collateralization ratios without being liquidated.
  • We did however experience some liquidations. Eight to be exact, with one failed liquidation which was quickly followed by another liquidation that was successful.


DAI Market currently has a borrow rate of 10% APR and lend rate of 9.25% APR. Most of the DAI liquidity has been borrowed currently with 686 DAI available to borrow.

USDC Market currently has a borrow rate of 9.75% APR and lend rate of 9% APR. There is currently 10k USDC available to borrow.

As the world weathers this storm, we continue to stress test the protocol in this mainnet beta, working towards general availability in the coming weeks.

If you're interested in being part of the beta, reach out to us on our Telegram @atomic_loans