Last year Windows announced it was removing support for U2F, a communication layer that allows Ledger to interact with web interfaces. Luckily, Ledger Nano supports multiple communication layers, including WebUSB, and WebBluetooth (on Nano X). Since most interfaces don't yet support WebBluetooth, we're going to be talking about connecting with WebUSB.

Whether you're trying to connect to MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, EtherDelta or Atomic Loans, this tutorial will go through all the steps necessary to get your Ledger Nano working on a web interface.

1. Update Windows

This might seem like a no brainer, but is actually extremely important. There are several drivers that have been known to cause issues with Ledger Nano (such as it getting stuck booting for several hours).

First search for Windows Update Settings

Then if you see any updates, restart now and update.

Note: If you’re upgrading to a “major” version of Windows 10, It may be necessary to download the Windows Update Assistant to install feature updates. (

2. Update Ledger Nano firmware

Over the past year, there were a significant number of issues with firmware version 1.5.5 (on Ledger Nano S) not allowing windows users to connect. Make sure you update your firmware version to at least 1.6 for Ledger Nano S.

For Ledger Nano X, we recommend updating to the latest firmware version of at least

Here is how to check your firmware version:

And here's a video on how to upgrade (yes this video shows updating to firmware version 1.5.5 but make sure it shows 1.6 or greater).

Your cryptocurrency apps must also be up to date – this can be done by uninstalling and reinstalling them.

If you do not have the latest Firmware version and apps, you will not be able to access the web wallets.

3. Try it out!

Go ahead an try to connect to the interface of your choice: MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, EtherDelta or Atomic Loans

If you correctly followed the steps above, you should have no trouble connecting your Ledger Nano S.

If you are using a Ledger Nano X, and you're still unable to connect, you may need to install some additional software that includes a driver that will allow you to connect.

3.1 Troubleshooting Ledger Nano X

Go ahead and download Zadig.

(Note, the Zadig version might be greater than 2.4. Install the latest version)

Go ahead and run the .exe

Now install the WCID Driver.

When this is finished, go back to the web interface you wanted to connect to, and plug in your Ledger Nano X.

Still having trouble?

Feel free to reach out to us on telegram @atomic_loans or take a look at the Ledger resources on their site